The MEP world is our core recruiting specialty. We're fortunate to have worked with the firms who are innovating in the design and construction of facility systems for optimal energy efficiency and long-term life cycle value. We're excited to work with your team as a partner who can help you identify and select key team members for the core roles in your firm that determine your success. 


You can't succeed in MEP construction with generalities. Labor productivity, material pricing, systems performance, true scope, and schedule - the risks are all specific and the margins are unforgiving. It takes people with specific knowledge to operate in such a specific risk envelope. These are the people we find every day, and we know how to help you determine whether they will fit as well in your culture as they have in others. 

We've done this for over 20 years at a national level. Name the position and we've filled it. Whether you are ready to go to work on a key executive succession plan or find an elusive experienced estimator, we will custom fit a plan to your situation. 

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Recently Filled Positions

Pre-Construction Director
Integrated Project Delivery for Mechanical Projects
This role is responsible for all project development, cultivating end-user relationships, and building a market strategic plan. This hire was done so with the visibility for an executive career progression. 

Senior Mechanical Estimator
HVAC / Mechanical Contractor - Major Projects
This hire is a strategic team member of the preconstruction process and project launch team. This role is responsible for estimating large, complex mechanical projects for industrial and commercial markets. 

Key Hiring Functions

• Engineering • Estimators • Project Managers • Operations • Sales & Business Development • Senior Leadership • Project Sales • Field Management •

Current Openings

Project Manager - San Francisco / San Jose, CA
• Senior Mechanical Engineer - Seattle, WA
• HVAC Estimator - Seattle, WA
• HVAC Estimating Department Leader - Seattle, WA
Senior HVAC Mechanical Engineer - Dallas, TX
• Major Projects Sales Executive - San Antonio, TX

Our Recruiting Process

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Contact our National MEP Team to Learn More via email or at 855.267.7446