We find the people who are hard to find, for you. 

We believe great opportunities are the culmination of attracting talent, not simply a job description. Finding that key person with a rare skill set and putting him or her in touch with the right people at your company is what we do. We align people who will best collaborate with each other making an important transition easy as 1, 2, 3. 

Our depth of recruiting experience enables us to offer a unique perspective on finding hard to find candidates. You hire people for the way they align with your business and people stay because of the way the business aligns with them. We're here to make sure the fit is productive and right both ways. 

A productive fit is defined by alignment: 

• Knowledge, skills, and abilities must align with job functions 

• Past performance is the best indicator of future results, but note, it is not the only predictor 

• Candidate disposition needs to match up well to culture 

• A similar job function in a different segment of the same industry can still be a disaster, that's where we can help 

• Personalities that interact with high frequency need to be considered

• The job is personal and must align accordingly 

• It isn't a good fit because we all want it to be. The right questions must be asked. 

Every company has a unique story to tell. We share your story and bring you the one of a kind candidates your company deserves. We are a solutions based recruitment firm. We believe in the power of finding long term solutions. We know successful companies and individual careers are built on a successful relationship. Great partnerships come from the right alignment of people and the way they collaborate together. 

Let us find the right alignment to join your team today!