Our flagship hybrid retained search model 

Our executive recruiting services provide that extra care your company deserves. We not only find and deliver you the highest qualified individuals, but also work with your team on learning what the most important qualities this individual should have are. We become your guide and expert on bringing this key person in to unite your team. 

True to our passion, the Corrigo executive recruiting model is around alignment. World class companies have strong internal focus on personnel development. We add the external perspective of our experience in combination with your efforts. 

We facilitate the connection between the candidate and you and/or your team. We do this through leading the discovery of this connection with questions companies and candidates don't always think to ask on their own. 

How we bring you results:

  • We learn your story. We understand the inner workings of your company and know there's a personality that fits with your team.

  • We become an extension of your brand. We are your biggest cheerleader!

  • We work with your team on identifying the 3 most important qualities of this person leading to our "profile process."

  • We develop a one of a kind profile for this role describing what the key elements are for success.

  • If interested, we lead the interview process for all internal and external candidates.

  • For internal candidates, we spend time with them, prepping them just like with any external candidate.

  • We do not give up until you've found the perfect match.

There are a lot more questions to ask...let's get started and work on the answers together. 


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