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Your handcrafted, private label direct sourcing tool. 

Corr Sourcing is the missing link between a company’s internal recruiting efforts and expensive outside recruiting fees. We find those hard to find candidates using our time tested, handcrafted direct sourcing methods. 


How the Corr Sourcing Process Works: 

  • Contact us to receive your Corr Sourcing Intake Form 
  • Discovery Call to share your story, answer your questions, learn what we need to know to find those star candidates
  • We source, qualify, and deliver hard to find candidates ready for your evaluation 

We do this by developing a handcrafted impact message,

built from your story, to reach top talent in like kind roles. 


What Corr Sourcing Guarantees You:

  • Convert your recruiting situation into a candidate marketplace ready motion  
  • Research and discover names from the target companies you seek 
  • Contact passive candidates with a personalized message
  • Provide at least 4 qualified, interested candidates
    • A la carte - additional marketing advertising locations 
    • A la carte - additional qualified, interested candidates

Corr Sourcing packages begin at $4,000.

Choose an appointment time or contact us to get started or learn more today!