Vulnerability in Talent Retention

Alignment is the central issue of retention. You hire people for the way they align with your business. People stay with your company because of the way the business aligns with them. 

Our depth of recruiting experience at Corrigo enables us to offer a unique perspective on retention. The Corrigo retention module focuses on the discovery of where your organization is vulnerable. It is the reverse engineering of what we do in recruiting. 

Vulnerability is identified through the alignment of motivation and market. If you are serious about retention then you need to be serious about discovering the truth. Like it or not, the truth you can discover internally has limitations. Nobody ever told their boss the whole truth.. except maybe after they left. Externally, we hear the truth with less filtering, and we get to weigh it against candidate behavior and business outcomes - the ultimate scoreboard. 

Let us help you discover the truth behind your business and instill lasting results of top talent.